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tyrell hungary and ljudmila proudly presents pool - the definitive sound of the underground dance musicians from the ex-eastern block http://tyrell.hu/pool/

this compilation is intended to protest in the ongoing struggle for the industrialization of the format mpeg1-layer3 commonly known as mp3.

the music herein distributed through the internet has a new relation with copyright ownership. each natural persons can download these songs for personal use and furthermore can burn one personal audio or mp3 CD copy for itself. the artist reserves all other rights for further publishing et al.

we are looking for mirror sites around the world who can promote this protest and can provide the needed web space (approximately 60 Mb) to clone this compilation.

the songs laying herein are considered as original artistic concepts, not remixes or bootlegs, however they do contain uncleared sound samples. the artists presented here do not give a shit about sample copyrights until their songs are not grunged by music industry and noone makes any money of this project.

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©1998 Tyrell Corp.